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As with traditional print media, web sites are intended to inform, persuade or promote a service or product. We will help you through all of the internet acronyms and determine what point of entry is appropriate for you. Whether your existing site and strategy needs a makeover or you are seeking a new internet presence - we'll work with you to define goals and objectives, develop technical specifications, and develop the creative, organizational, and marketing efforts of a web site project.  From planning a strategy to registering your domain name to publishing, maintaining and marketing the completed site - turn key solutions are our business.

Our process begins with determining job specifications and objectives with you, then we provide a written proposed solution so you know the project details and costs before starting. When we the  required materials, we schedule the project. In order for the client to see a true working prototype in its real medium, work progress will be displayed as web pages at a private, unpublished web address known only to the client. Revisions can quickly displayed for you to view at your convenience allowing quick and easy access for client approvals and feedback. Communications are easily handled with e-mail, video chat and telephone. Turnaround time for a custom design + development of a typical 10-15 page business site is often just 3-5 weeks from the date of receiving the order and client text and image files. Our process and pricing method is straightforward and we would be happy to discuss your project or any questions you may have about establishing or upgrading your web presence. Initial consultation is free of charge.

When it comes to the production of web sites these two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are actually two different disciplines. Webster's dictionary defines development as "to make fuller, bigger, better, etc." and as much as that definition would make this section easier to write, it really doesn't apply. In the context of the web production, design defines what a site visitor sees and development defines what controls how its displayed. We perform both of these functions and while design style is subjective and open to interpretation, development is an empirical procedure - writing code to position elements and display the page, writing scripts to process forms, compressing of images and database functions are all development tasks. Look at the source code of a web page - this is what the browser see's. This is what the search spider see's. Well designed source code is as important as visual design. Ironic isn't it - design of development! Without it your page doesn't display correctly, search engines ignore it and here we are at why we are a good choice for your web production. When it comes to development opinions don't matter much - it either works or it doesn't. Our objective is to create custom designed web sites and programming blending strategy, usability and functionality - to us that means it looks clean, runs smooth on all platforms, gets indexed and creates a positive impression of your enterprise for each visitor.


Our site designs are created to communicate your message and for ease of use to your visitor. Although users with 'high speed' access are a growing market share - the reality is that the majority of internet users are using a dial up connection. With this fact in mind our site designs are highly optimized, both in the user interface and coding. High bandwidth features are made available at the users option. The results are a clean look and a familiar, efficient feel for visitors. We are also highly aware of scale ability when designing a site - we'll make every effort to ensure that the design you invest in today will continue to serve you for years to come.

A web sites nonlinear nature allows for a variety of ways to navigate to a piece of information. We apply principles of architecture merging aesthetics and mechanics to design cohesive web sites and intranet's that are easy to use, manage, and expand.

There are many languages used in the development of web designs. We are particularly proficient in HTML, JavaScript and employ a hybrid of CSS and HTML in all new designs. As such all new development is validated to the applicable current W3C standard. We also have excellent resources available if we determine that Flash development is beneficial to your project.

We provide high quality production of audio and video for electronic delivery in Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Player and Flash formats. Whether you have pre produced material or need an original production we convert, compress, encode and embed it for inclusion.

For a lot of businesses fresh content is imperative. Sure you could do it in house, but when you consider the expense of a qualified full time person or staff to manage your web site content, outsourcing is a very attractive alternative. We can handle your updates and changes daily, weekly or monthly it's up to you.

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